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THE BOOK: Table of Contents

What Is Communities In Schools?
Foreword By President and Mrs. Jimmy Carter
Introduction Dropout Nation

Part I
It All Starts with Relationships
Chapter 1 Programs Don't Change Kids - Relationships Do
Chapter 2 Why the Dropout Crisis Is Not Just an Education Issue
Chapter 3 Before the Three Rs…The Real Basics

Part II
In Search of Community
Chapter 4 Bureaucratic, Fragmented, and Duplicative - Or Personal, Accountable, and Coordinated?
Chapter 5 The 'Magic Eyes' of a Champion for Children
Chapter 6 The Third Side of the Triangle
Part III

From Charity to Change
Chapter 7 A New Way of Thinking About Schools
Chapter 8 Going to Scale - The Evidence Is In
Chapter 9 From Awareness to Advocacy to Action - Stop the Epidemic!

In Recognition Acknowledgments
Appendix 1 Prepared for Life…CIS Student Success Stories
Appendix 2 Communities In Schools State and Local Locations
Appendix 3 How to Get Involved
Appendix 4 Research on Asset-Based Approaches